Meet the Faculty

7.00x Introductory Biology

In 2013, a number of Biology Department faculty recorded videos for the MITx course 7.00x: Introductory Biology and we are thrilled to share them with you!

David Page

Mary Gehring

Matt Vander Heiden

Angelika Amon

Susan Lindquist

Graham Walker

Terry Orr-Weaver

Amy Keating

Dennis Kim

Michael Laub

Phil Sharp

Tom RajBhandary

Hazel Sive

Barbara Imperiali

Monty Krieger

Aviv Regev

Peter Reddien

Conversations with Scientists

These are selected videos from our Conversations with Scientists series.

Lisa Steiner

Nancy Hopkins

Harvey Lodish

Susumu Tonegawa

Gerald Fink

Mary-Lou Pardue

Gene Brown

Rudolf Jaenisch

Joanne Stubbe

Robert Weinberg


More Information

Gene-Wei Li