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Academic and research resources

Graduate Manual

The Graduate Manual contains:

  • Resources for first-year students
  • Resources for enrolled MD/PhD students
  • Information about rotations
  • Preliminary exam guidelines
  • Thesis Committee meeting information
  • Individual Development Plan information
  • Guidelines for graduating
  • Graduate Committee information
  • Important forms

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Career development

After completing your doctoral studies, you will be fully prepared for a variety of career options. Many of our students pursue careers in academia or industry. Others choose a research-related or non-research career, reflecting the broad role of biology in the world.

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MIT resources

Student organizations and resources

We encourage you to check the department calendar (login required) to find out more about upcoming events and programming.

The Biology Graduate Student Council presents the interests of Biology graduate students to the department, faculty, and MIT at large.

The BioPals project matches incoming first-year graduate students with more senior students (“Pals”).

The MIT Biotech Group provides educational and career development events and resources for students interested in the biotechnology industry.

The MIT Microbiome Club brings together students, researchers, clinicians, and members of the public currently working on or interested in the field of human microbiome studies.

“The Pit” is the lounge where first-year students meet up to study, play pool, party, and ponder the mysteries of biology, MIT, and the wider universe.