Quantitative Methods Workshop
Non-MIT Undergraduates

Quantitative Methods Workshop

A seven-day intensive workshop designed to introduce students to quantitative tools and programming languages used to analyze experimental data in biology and neuroscience.

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Tobias Coombs

I learned different ways to analyze and visualize large amounts of data, various statistical analysis methods, as well as basic deep learning to look for trends. My favorite part was meeting researchers currently working at MIT during the small group sessions. I got exposure to the kinds of research other people are working on, and had the opportunity to ask people who are where I want to be (in terms of career path) how they got there, so that I am more prepared for my future as a researcher.

Who Should Apply

  • Application is by invitation only
  • Read Program Details for more information
  • A free 8-week version of this course is offered online through edX  
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Program Details

First week of January

  • Introduces programming languages such as MATLAB and Python
  • Introduces experimental approaches and tools such as fMRI, MEG, and Calcium imaging used to generate experimental data
  • Covers select topics in statistics, neuroscience, genomics, and cognitive science
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