We are a collaborative, inclusive, supportive, and focused community dedicated to research, teaching, and service. We explore a wide range of fundamental biological questions with a focus on molecular cell biology at all levels, from molecular structure to human disease.

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Our 60+ world-renowned faculty include:

  • 3 Nobel laureates
  • 4 recipients of the National Medal of Science
  • 15 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigators
  • 30 members of the National Academy of Sciences

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Our faculty train approximately:

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Core Missions

  • To explore and understand molecular cell biology at all levels, from cells to organisms and their interactions
  • To train and mentor the next generation of scientists, with a strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion
  • To teach core literacy in modern biological sciences
  • Excellence, innovation, and leadership in modern biology

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Core Values 

  • Commitment to teaching and innovation in education
  • Service to the community at all levels
  • Collaboration in research with other institutes and departments
  • Camaraderie and Inclusiveness 

Our commitment to interdisciplinary partnerships results in innovative approaches to both basic and applied research. Furthermore, many of our faculty are parts of interdisciplinary training programs (Computational and Systems Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience), and hold appointments in other MIT departments and affiliated research institutes.

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