MIT Field Trips

MIT Field Trips

High school science teachers are invited to bring their classes to the Biology Department for a day of lectures and hands-on activities.

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David Eatough

It’s important for students in high-needs districts to have diverse experiences at top colleges, and the field trips to MIT accomplish just that. They enjoy talking to grad students and recognizing that they share similar backgrounds and interests. Afterwards, they find developmental biology and genetics fascinating, and say they see themselves doing research in a lab in the future. They are excited to continue learning new things that students in other schools are not exposed to.

Who Should Apply

High school science teachers who have:

Program Details

  • One-day field trip during MIT’s spring break in March
  • Morning lecture given by an MIT faculty member
  • Hands-on activities in small groups
  • Lunch with scientists (pizza and drinks provided)
  • Laboratory visits
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