MIT Field Trips

MIT Field Trips

High school science teachers are invited to bring their classes to the Biology Department for a day of lectures and hands-on activities.

Ana M Caldeira

The field trips motivated my students to pursue careers in science. Often surprised by how young the scientists were, they would say, “I can also be a scientist.” The virtual classroom and fruit fly lab were always successes; students had learned fruit fly biology and Punnett squares before, but learning about them at MIT using a computer program was outstanding. And there were always grad students available to help explain. These trips are invaluable.

Who Should Apply

High school science teachers from Massachusetts public schools who:

  • Have attended the Summer Workshop 
  • Have attended the Whitehead Institute high school program
  • Teach honors and/or AP science classes

Program Details

  • One-day field trip in late March
  • Engaging lectures on current scientific topics
  • Developmental biology lab
  • Interactive genetics or biochemistry
  • Hands-on lab activities
  • Lunch with scientists (pizza and drinks provided)
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