Field Trip Testimonials

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Cara Bak, Science Teacher

High School Field Trip ● 2015-2019

My students always have an incredible time on the field trips. Some say that going to MIT was the moment they realized that they wanted to go into a career in science. It’s an amazing feeling to provide a student with that ‘aha’ moment that helps them figure out what they want to do in life. The field trips are also a great way for the students to reflect on past learning and current classroom topics. We were covering biotechnology during this year’s trip, and referenced the MIT grad student’s talk multiple times while reviewing the differences between animal and bacterial gene expression back in class.

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High School Student

High School Science Field Trip ● 2019

I really enjoyed the whole field trip. One of my favorite parts was the experiment on the chemotherapy pills for colon cancer. It was very hands-on and it was fun seeing the blue liquid turn into a gel. The presentation from the PhD student was probably where I learned the most. She really made a hard subject super easy to understand. It also made me want to know more about the subject. I also liked seeing what kinds of research biotech students do in college.

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High School Student

High School Field Trip ● 2019

I really loved looking through the microscopes and observing the flatworms and different kinds of flies, and observing their differences. I also enjoyed the lecture given by the graduate student. It was easy to follow, which made me feel more at ease and comfortable. I really enjoyed the entire experience of going to MIT, and I think it brought us closer together as a class. It helped us feel more comfortable working together.

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Leah Barton

Field Trip ● Since 2009

The field trips allow my students to witness research first-hand. I take seniors on these trips, and they return realizing the world of scientific research is intense, and that there are a lot of potential growth opportunities out there. This is an especially important realization since we are a small school — less than 600 students — with no AP classes.

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Ken Bateman

Field Trip ● 2010-2017

The field trips have always been a great opportunity for my students to see aspects of biology that they would not normally see in their own classroom — to see science ‘in action.’ Most notably, they’ve had the chance to listen to lectures about the research going on at MIT, and the opportunity to talk to grad students and scientists about what they do on a daily basis. My students always remember and are inspired by their trips to MIT.

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David Eatough

Field Trip2014-2016

It’s important for students in high-needs districts to have diverse experiences at top colleges, and the field trips to MIT accomplish just that. They enjoy talking to grad students and recognizing that they share similar backgrounds and interests. Afterwards, they find developmental biology and genetics fascinating, and say they see themselves doing research in a lab in the future. They are excited to continue learning new things that students in other schools are not exposed to.