Summer Workshop for Teachers

Summer Workshop for Teachers

A one-week workshop that combines lectures and related hands-on laboratory courses and culminates in a session on science curriculum development for grades 8-12.

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David Eatough

The workshop curriculum is incredibly enriching and reflects the latest research. It is intellectually and professionally stimulating to be surrounded by like-minded, passionate peers. I’ve woven workshop content throughout my classes, using prepared slides to demonstrate morphogenesis in class, and the StarGenetics program to reinforce Mendelian genetics. It is important for my students to see that despite my advancing age, I consider myself — above all — a learner, and that I am deeply interested in science.

Who Should Apply

Eligible applicants must be:

  • Full-time science teachers
  • Currently employed in a school in the greater Boston area (within daily commuting range)
  • Teaching honors and/or advanced placement science classes

Program Details

Please note the July 2020 program has been canceled.

This 1-week program in mid July allows teachers to:

  • Discuss new topics and new developments in the biomedical and biological sciences in an accessible format
  • Practice new laboratory exercises covering topics relevant to the honor and AP biology curriculum
  • Design new curriculum material for their class
  • Network with other teachers
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