Subject Offerings

Subject Offerings

Biology General Institute Requirement

All undergraduate students are required to complete the Biology General Institute Requirement (GIR). There are two ways for you to complete this requirement: core class 7.01x or the Biology Advanced Standing Exam.

Biology Subjects

At MIT we refer to “majors” as courses and individual classes as “subjects.” You can search for classes on the Registrar’s website.

Most Biology subjects use Canvas as the learning management system for course material.

Click on this link for the upcoming Fall 2022 course schedule chart.

Advanced Undergraduate Seminars

These seminars for juniors and seniors focus on the primary research literature, with the goal of introducing you to the methods of contemporary biological research and the logic of experimental design and interpretation.

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Independent Activities Period

The MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP) is a special four-week term at MIT that runs for the month of January. We offer both credit and non-credit subjects during IAP.

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MITx Biology

MITx Biology offers MIT students hybrid learning experiences through MITx sites to augment their on-campus classes, as well as free online Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and a bank of educational YouTube videos for the greater community.

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