Lisa A. Steiner

Lisa A. Steiner

Professor of Immunology Emerita

Before closing her lab, Lisa A. Steiner analyzed the zebrafish genome to understand white blood cells and their role in the immune system.






  • Postdoctoral training with Michael Sela, Herman Eisen, and Rodney Porter
  • MD, 1959, Yale School of Medicine
  • MA, 1956, Mathematics, Radcliffe College
  • BA, 1954,  Mathematics, Swarthmore College

Research Summary

Lisa Steiner explored the range of structural variation among antibodies in vertebrate species. The variation observed demonstrates that effective antibodies, while sharing certain basic features such as variable and constant regions, can be unexpectedly diverse in structure, varying in number of polypeptide chains or in pattern of disulfide bridging. Moreover, the polypeptide chains in non-mammalian vertebrates do not generally fall into classifications developed for mammalian antibodies, such as kappa, lambda, gamma, etc. Francois Jacob has called such variability “evolutionary tinkering.” Lisa Steiner is no longer accepting students.   More Publications