Microbiology research within the Department of Biology covers a wide range of topics. Some of this research exploits the sophisticated genetic, molecular biological, and biochemical systems available for microorganisms, to gain high-resolution insights into fundamental processes necessary for life and to manipulate microorganisms to achieve particular desired ends. Other components of this microbiological research in the department focus on understanding how aspects of microbial life cycle and life style permit them to survive their particular biological niches and to interact with their environment.

Research topics include: DNA replication; DNA repair and mutagenesis; mechanisms of transcription and translation; mechanisms of signal transduction, cell cycle, and cell-cell signaling; protein structure and function; protein folding and degradation; molecular chaperones; protein secretion; polysaccharide structure and function; microbial development; control of cell morphology and division; microbial interactions with eukaryotic hosts (symbiosis and pathogenesis); microbial ecology; metabolic engineering.

See also MIT's interdepartmental, interdisciplinary program in Microbiology

Faculty with research programs in microbiology: