Get Help!


  • DIAL 100 or call x3-1212 (617-253-1212)
  • Campus Police emergency line (617-253-1212)

Environmental Health & Safety:

  • EHS Office's charge is to protect both the environment and the MIT community's health and safety.


Health and Well-being

Human Resources


  • Resources for helping to navigate difficult situations at MIT — Is a person or situation disrupting your work environment? There are many options for addressing such situations at MIT, both within the Biology Department and elsewhere on campus. This is a compilation of resources and guidelines on how to navigate them.
  • Ombuds Office — MIT's Ombudspersons are a neutral, independent, and confidential resource for faculty, staff, and students within the MIT community. They act to bring to the surface work and school related issues and conflicts, and will try to help to see they are fairly resolved. The Ombudspersons can also help to effect positive change, when they have appropriate permission, by providing upward feedback on patterns of problems and complaints to appropriate senior officers.
  • Another helpful list is provided by the "How to Get Around MIT" pages (primarily targeted to students, but with a lot of good information).