Helene Kelsey

Helene Kelsey

Human Resources Administrator

Helene Kelsey manages human resource related matters, including policy interpretation, appointments, visas, and employee recruitment.

Room 68-132


Helene holds a master’s in management from Strasbourg Business School in France. She started her career abroad as a department manager for a large retailer, but later moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts to work for a staffing company doing recruitment and placements. She joined the MIT Media Lab’s human resources staff in 2013, and worked there for six years. During this time, she earned an Infinite Mile Award from the School of Architecture and Planning.

Now, as MIT Biology’s human resources administrator, Helene manages human resource related matters — including policy interpretation, appointments, visas for academic and non-academic staff, employee recruitment, job classification assessment and compensation for non-academic staff, labor union and employee relations, and professional development. She also holds a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification, and is certified as a Notary Public.
Photo credit: Raleigh McElvery