Matthew Vander Heiden and Sebastian Lourido receive promotions

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Effective July 1, Matthew Vander Heiden and Sebastian Lourido will be promoted to Full Professor and Associate Professor (Without Tenure), respectively.

Vander Heiden is Associate Director of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, a member of the MIT Center for Precision Cancer Medicine, a member of the Ludwig Center for Molecular Oncology, and a member of the Broad Institute. He joined the department in 2010 and earned tenure in 2017. His work focuses on the biochemical pathways cells use and how they are regulated to meet the metabolic requirements of cells in different physiological situations. His lab investigates the role of metabolism in cancer, particularly how metabolic pathways support cell proliferation. They aim to translate their understanding of cancer cell metabolism into novel cancer therapies. His promotion to full professor reflects his international standing in his field, his excellent and dedicated teaching, and his service to the department and the broader scientific community.

Lourido is a member of the Whitehead Institute and Latham Family Career Development Professor. He joined the department and Whitehead Institute in 2017. His lab is interested in the molecular events that enable apicomplexan parasites to remain widespread and deadly, infectious agents. They study many important human pathogens, including Toxoplasma gondii, to model features conserved throughout the phylum. They seek to expand our understanding of eukaryotic diversity and identify specific features that can be targeted to treat parasite infections.

Posted: 2.18.21