Q&A: Pulin Li on recreating development in the lab

In the whirlwind of activity that occurs simultaneously in a developing embryo, it can be difficult for scientists to pinpoint critical moments of a particular trait. In this Q&A, Pulin Li discusses how her lab ventures beyond mere observation to actually engineer developmental events in a petri dish, and why this approach is vital for understanding health and disease more broadly.

Shafaq Zia | Whitehead Institute
May 1, 2024
Student spotlight: Victory Yinka-Banjo (6-7)

The junior, who is majoring in computer science and molecular biology, wants to “make it a norm to lift others as I continue to climb.”

March 27, 2024
Meet a Whitehead Postdoc: Brad Wierbowski (Bartel Lab)

Brad Wierbowski is a postdoc in Whitehead Institute Member David Bartel’s lab studying the turnover of messenger RNAs.

March 28, 2024
Video: Conversations with Scientists: Robert T. Sauer

Robert “Bob” Sauer, the Salvador E. Luria Professor of Biology, discusses his life leading up to joining MIT in the Department of Biology, the unconventional timing of acquiring his PhD, formative moments as a mentor, and how research approaches have changed since he joined the department.

March 21, 2024
Q&A: Phillip Sharp and Amy Brand on the future of open-access publishing

An MIT-based white paper identifies leading questions in the quest to make open-access publications sustainable.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News
November 30, 2023
Posted in Q&A