Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in a large variety of research through the Project Laboratories and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).The UROP Office provides information on research opportunities for undergraduates interested in working on independent research projects. If you wish to use your UROP for Project Lab credit you must register for Course 7.18.

Freshmen with no previous research experience who are interested in starting a UROP by the end of their freshman year are encouraged to apply to the IAP course 7.396 "Independent Study in Experimental Biology." This is an intensive 2-week IAP lab course that will teach students essential lab skills used in most biology research labs and prepare students for a successful UROP experience.

The department also offers a competitive 10-week research-intensive summer internship program for non-MIT students who have excellent academic records and a genuine interest in research. Priority will be given to applicants with limited research opportunities at their undergraduate institution.