MIT Postdoc Association

The MIT Postdoc Association is a informal postdoctoral researcher-led forum for the postdocs at the Institute to:

  • Meet and exchange information concerning postdoctoral welfare
  • Generate awareness about local and national policy issues that impact the science and welfare of postdocs
  • Organize events, seminars, and courses to aid career development
  • Organize events that contribute to the Department of Biology and the local scientific community.
The Association is open to all members of the extended MIT Biology community, including (but not limited to) those in:
  • Koch Building (68)
  • Whitehead Institute
  • Broad Institute
  • Center for Cancer Research
  • Picower Institute for Learning and Memory
  • Biological Engineering
  • McGovern Institute
  • Brain and Cognitive Sciences

The MIT Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is structured according to the guidelines of the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) and is supported by the Office of the Vice President of Research (VPR).
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Stay Connected

The BioREFS (Resource for Easing Friction and Stress) are here to provide MIT’s biology community with an independent resource to support, encourage, diffuse, and mediate during times of stress.

The MIT Postdoc Toolkit provides information and forms designed at MIT to assist the training of postdoctoral researchers, and will be helpful to mentors/advisors, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Postdoctoral Associates. Some of these resources are for one time use, others will be useful on an annual basis.

MIT has a dynamic academic and research community that includes nearly 1300 postdoctoral scholars working in all five Schools and in the Vice President for Research area. The MIT Postdoc Office site contains information useful to newcomers to MIT and the Boston/Cambridge area, as well as information on events, resources, MIT policies and procedures, and other topics relevant to postdocs.