Building 68 Postdoc Association

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The Building 68 Postdoctoral Association (B68-PDA) consists of postdoctoral scholars working to build and maintain a supportive community among fellow postdocs in the MIT Department of Biology. Founded in 2015 and funded by the department, the mission of the B68-PDA is to:

  • Foster the Building 68 postdoc community,
  • Provide a forum for discussion of postdoc concerns,
  • Educate postdocs about topics relevant to their current and future positions,
  • Present opportunities for career development,
  • Encourage peer support and mentoring, and
  • Enhance scientific exchange


We host a number of monthly events and other initiatives (see below). Email us and follow us on Twitter to find out more or to get involved.

Committees and initiatives



Current Co-Chairs

Isabel Nocedal (Laub lab) ● Ana Fiszbein (Burge lab)


Current Members

Isabel Nocedal ● Ana Fiszbein ● Amael Madec ● Vignesh M.P. Babu ● Siva Sankari ● Lydia Herzel ● James Kraemer ● Jean-Marie Swiecicki ● Leah Seebald ● Markus Arnold ● Peter Sudmant