Career Opportunities and Resources

Biology graduate students complete their doctoral studies at MIT with many career options before them. This section includes information on what careers Biology alumni have chosen after receiving their degrees, along with employment resources and Postdoctoral Fellowships that are available. There is also a link to a Career Seminar Series which is held in January of each year.

Alumni Statistics/ Information

The majority of graduates of the Biology Department’s program go on to a postdoctoral position in an academic setting. Other areas that students have gone on to include: medical school, teaching, science publishing, investment banking, patent law, and venture capital.

Employment Resources

The Department of Biology lists current job opportunities here. Another helpful resource is MIT's Human Resources Employment Opportunities page. MIT's Career Development Center offers job listings, workshops and career counseling to students and alumni. Additional resources include the Human Resources pages at the Whitehead Institute and the job postings at Community of Science

Postdoctoral Fellowships

The below are organizations that provide fellowships to postdoctoral researchers. Many of these are fellowships you may apply for when nearly completed with your graduate work.

While the list is not exhaustive, it includes many of the organizations from which MIT Biology Postdocs most frequently receive funding.

American Cancer Society
Jane Coffin Childs Foundation
Damon Runyon Awards
European Molecular Biology Organization
Human Frontiers Science Program
Leukemia Society of America
Life Sciences Research Foundation
Health Resources in Action
National Institutes of Health - Grants OER Home Page
Helen Hay Whitney Foundation

Career Seminar Series 

During the January Independent Activities Period (IAP), which takes place between the Fall and Spring semesters, the Biology Department sponsors a series of seminars on Life After MIT: Taking the Next Step in Academic Research or Non-Academic Career Paths. Learn more about the series.

Seminars have featured speakers from both within and outside MIT. Some past seminars have included the following:

Academic Research

  • Writing a Thesis and Choosing a Post-Doc Lab
  • Writing a Postdoctoral fellowship
  • Applying for a Junior Faculty position
  • Demystifying the RO1 Grant Writing Process
  • Balancing Family and Science 

Non-Academic Career Paths

  • Career in Industry
  • Patent Law
  • Scientific Publishing
  • Biotech
  • Biomedical Ventures on the Internet
  • Administrative Jobs in Science
  • Teaching at a Liberal Arts College