Field Trips

Stoneham Highschool teachers

High school science teachers who have attended a past MIT summer workshop are invited to bring their Honors and AP Biology classes to the Biology Department for a day of lectures and hands-on activities. The one-day field trip always takes place in March during MIT's spring break.

Students attend a morning lecture given by an MIT faculty, then break up into small groups for various hands-on activities. After a lunch with scientists (pizza and drinks provided) the students regroup for more hands-on activities or a laboratory visit.

An archive of previous years' lab protocols is available.

2011 Field Trip

Participating schools: Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Hudson High school, Lawrence High School, Norfolk County Agricultural High School, Somerville High School, Stoneham High School, Westwood High School

Lab Tours:mouse cancer lab tour

  • "Protein 3D structure determination by X-Ray crystallography" James Whittle (Schwartz lab)
  • "Electron microscopy studies of viruses" Jeannie Chew and Cammeron Haase-Pettingel (King Lab)
  • "Innate immunity in C. elegans" Dan Pagano (Kim lab)
  • "Cancer research in mice" Simona Nedelcu (Lees Lab)
  • "Toxoplasma" Lindsay Julian and Renee Mckell (Saeij lab)
  • "Molecular biology techniques" Pavan Vaidyanathan (Gilbert lab)
  • "UV-irradiation of bacteria" Tyler Dewitt (Walker lab)
  • "RNA interference applications in biology" Michael Goldberg (Sharp lab)

Hands-on Activities:

  • workshop instructors and students

    Anatomy and development of Zebrafish, Planaria and C. elegans — Introductory lecture by Dr. Mandana Sassanfar.  Instructors: Nelly Cruz, Tyler Dewitt, Glenna Wink Foight, Jessica Hurt, Jennifer Kaplan, Diana Lu, Leslie Mebane, Emily Rosowski, Vidya Subramanian, Lauren Surface, Pavan Vaidyanathan, Julie valastyan, Matt Youngman, and Mandana Sassanfar. Wild type and mutant zebrafish embryos were provided by Nelly Cruz from the Lees/Hopkins Laboratory; wild type and mutant C.elegans were provided by Svetlana Rojevsky, Ekaterina Zagriadskaia, and Alice Rushforth from the Biology teaching labs at MIT. Planaria were purchased from Carolina Biologicals.

  • Cow eye dissection — Dr. Monica Linden, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • DNA Extraction from Strawberries — Leah Okumura, Department of Biology and Whitehead Institute
  • Cancer Research in Mice — Simona Nedelcu, Department of Biology
  • StarGenetics Lab — Sera Thornton and Charles Lin, Department of Biology
  • Toxoplasma — Lindsay Julian and Renee McKell, Department of Biology

Field trip archive (2008-2012)