Life as a Biology Undergrad

Biology undergrads


When undergrads swap stories with their counterparts at other schools, they quickly come to the conclusion that the MIT Biology experience is different. MIT Biology undergraduates feel like full partners in the work of the department. They embrace rigor and exploration, more energized than daunted by new challenges. Yes, the life of an MIT Biology undergrad is intense and demanding, no doubt about it, but it is also invigorating, with a healthy balance of freedom and responsibility. 

The culture of the MIT Biology undergraduate program is collaborative. The atmosphere is one of camaraderie rather than competition. Students tutor one another knowing that, in some other area of the subject, they might change roles. In the Biology Undergraduate (BUG) lounge, students hang out, plan seminars and social events, and swap advice and experiences. 

MIT Biology students take leading roles in shaping the undergraduate life of the department. The Biology Undergraduate Student Association (BUSA) sponsors an annual lecture with a prominent biologist, a variety of student-faculty gatherings, community-service activities, a tutoring program for MIT Biology core courses, and seminars focusing on biomedical ethics and career development.

“I feel like what I’m learning is on the cutting edge of research, that the professors make sure they give us up-to-date information. I feel confident that the biology program for undergrads here is one of if not the best.”

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