Vanessa J. Cheung

Vanessa J. Cheung

Technical Instructor

Vanessa Cheung works with department faculty to teach and provide instructional support for Biology undergraduate lecture and lab courses.



Room 68-074


Vanessa holds a PhD in Genetics from Harvard University. As a technical instructor, she assists faculty with the “day-to-day” operations of several department undergraduate lab courses. She creates course materials and content (including exams and problem sets), manages and trains teaching assistants, prepares and runs lab sessions, and performs administrative duties. She also aids in curriculum development, helping to form new courses and update content for existing ones. More recently, she’s become involved in teaching and developing lab curricula for the LEAH-Knox Scholars high school research program. In 2012, Vanessa earned the School of Science Dean’s Education and Advising Award.
Photo credit: Raleigh McElvery