Bldg 68 Postdoc Travel Support Application

    Bldg. 68 Postdoc Travel Grant: Postdocs working with a Biology faculty member in Bldg. 68 may apply for financial assistance to professional conferences that enrich career development (including those outside one’s scope of current research). Support is intended to supplement other sources, such as fellowship or faculty funds, or provide assistance where no other support is available. Eligible expenses include transportation, accommodations, registration fee, and meals.

    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to travel. Postdocs are eligible to apply for travel support for one conference/meeting during their tenure, up to $1,000 in eligible expenses.

    For more information, contact Helene Kelsey or call 617-253-4703.

    Estimated Expenses

    Please estimate costs as accurately as possible. For guidance regarding lodging and meal costs, please see for travel within the continental United States; for US travel outside the continental United States, such as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.S. possessions; and see for foreign travel.

    Other Funding Sources

    Reason for submitting this request (choose all that apply) Insufficient faculty fundsPostdoc Fellowship does not contain allocation for conference travelPostdoc Fellowship fully allocated to other expensesMeeting is outside current research field