Mary Ellen Wiltrout

Mary Ellen Wiltrout completed her Ph.D. thesis studying translesion synthesis in Graham Walker's lab at MIT. In the fall of 2009, she began working as the preceptor for MCB 52, the Molecular Biology course at Harvard University with Rich Losick, Briana Burton, and Tom Torello. As a preceptor, Mary Ellen managed a staff of teaching fellows, oversaw the execution of a discovery-based lab for the students, and gave lectures for the course. She also taught several of her own courses at Harvard’s Extension School including a DNA repair and mutagenesis proseminar that focuses on reading the primary literature and writing. In 2011, she completed the HHMI Summer Institute on Undergraduate Education in Biology and led a group as a facilitator in 2012. In 2013, Mary Ellen moved to the Broad Institute to be part of the core group with Michelle Mischke and Brian White to create Eric Lander's MITx course on edX, 7.00x Introduction to Biology - The Secret of Life. Mary Ellen now oversees all residential and world-wide bound MITx projects for the MIT Department of Biology.