Eliezer Calo

My research focuses on the molecular entities controlling and coordinating RNA metabolism, the compendium of all processes that involve RNA, such as synthesis, processing, modifications, export, translation and degradation, and their role in development and disease. Our goal is to understand how different aspects of RNA metabolism are coordinately controlled to generate structure and function during development and how mutations in components of the RNA metabolic program lead to congenital disorders and cancer


Figure: Simplified schematic of the RNA metabolic program leading to the assembly of the translational apparatus. Ribosome biosynthesis relies on the coordinate action of all three RNA polymerases to produce the ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) and each of the 81+ ribosomal proteins. Additionally, the processing and maturation of the rRNAs and the assembly of the ribosomes require an army of nearly 200 proteins. Mutations in ribosomal proteins result in ribosomopathies a collection of childhood disorders resulting in specific clinical phenotypes and predisposition to cancer. (in blue are a subset of known ribosomopathy-associated genes and their normal functions). 

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