Quantitative Methods Workshop

Quantitative biology workshop

MIT News: read about the 2015 Quantiative Biology Workshop here.

The MIT Biology Department and the NSF-Funded Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM) offer a 7-day intensive Quantitative Methods Workshop (QMW) for students and faculty from a limited number of institutions with MARC, RISE, and HHMI programs. Registration is by invitation only.

This intensive workshop has been specifically designed to introduce students to quantitative tools and programming languages such as MATLAB and Python, which are routinely used to analyze experimental data in biology and neuroscience. This will also help students better prepare for summer research internships and make them more competitive graduate applicants.

A short 8-week course based on this workshop is available online to anyone who is interested in learning some basics about MATLAB, Python, R and PyMOL. The online version offers short lectures and hands-on exercises that cover topics in biochemistry, computation and cognitive neuroscience, genomics, statistics, systems biology and computational biology. If you want to learn more about the on-line course and be notified of the next enrollment period click here and enter your email address under "See more.”

Have questions about Quantitative Methods Workshop 2016? Contact Mandana Sassanfar

2016 Dates

January 2-9, 2016

This workshop is funded in part by the Center for Brains, Minds & Machines, and the Department of Biology.


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