Setting training goals


Mentor competencies Mentor best practices Mentee competencies
Discuss training goals and priorities with your mentees. Re-visit training goals regularly with your mentee (e.g., annually, or more often if needed). Discuss training goals with your mentor.
Provide career development support by discussing mentees’ professional goals. Support diverse career directions and outcomes. Offer suggestions, and/or encourage mentee involvement in suitable career exploration activities. Articulate your career goals, the paths you are considering, and any changes in these directions to your mentor.


Refer to the Mentoring Resources page for supporting materials and training opportunities.

Postdoc onboarding documents.

  • Student and postdoc IDP processes.

Potential pitfalls for mentors

  • Not accounting for the ways that a mentee’s goals (for their project, paper, or career) may not align with your goals.
  • Dismissing or discounting the value of a career direction chosen by a trainee, either actively or by insinuation.