Open House Response Form – Invited Students

    Please respond by Sunday, January 12, 2020.

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    We encourage you to visit on the scheduled open house dates in order to learn the most about the Biology program. However, if you are unable to visit on the scheduled dates, please let us know more about your circumstances, and we will try to make other arrangements for your visit.
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    Please select at least one area of research that interests you. Learn more about our Areas of Research.


    Please indicate the nights you will need housing. We expect most people will make plans to arrive on Saturday and travel home on Tuesday morning. Please also indicate your preference for the gender of your host. If you elect to stay in the hotel, you will be assigned a roommate who is another visiting student of the same gender.

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    Interests and Experiences

    In some cases, we may also be able to arrange for you to meet students with whom you share common interests or experiences outside of science. If you identify with one of the groups listed below, please let us know.
    Married and/or with childrenWomen in scienceInternationalReligious (please specify below)LGBTQFirst-generation college studentDisabledOther (please specify below)

    If you have questions about this form, email We look forward to meeting you soon.