Open House – Graduate Student Signup

    Please respond by Friday, January 15.

    If you have questions, contact Betsey Walsh.

    Personal Information

    Interests and Experiences

    If you feel you can provide a perspective on the MIT experience for members of one or more of the groups below, please check the relevant box(es). Please also list any special interests or hobbies you would enjoy discussing with prospective students.

    DisabilityDiversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)First-generation college studentInternationalLGBTQMarried and/or with childrenRacial/ethnic minorityReligious (please specify below)Women in scienceOther (please specify below)

    Hosting a Student Remotely

    This year all recruiting will be remote, but student hosts will still be an important part of our interview weekends.
    Student hosts will be expected to contact prospective students prior to their visit, welcome them to the Open House weekends, participate with them in at least some events on Sunday, and be available over Monday/Tuesday to answer questions, address any logistical concerns, and help them make connections to others.

    Please indicate OH weekends you are available to host.

    If you are available, are you willing to host more than one student?

    If you are available, are you willing to host more than one student?

    If you are available, are you willing to host more than one student?

    Additional Hosting Information

    Additional Comments:

    Participating in Open House Events

    We seek current students to be part of a few different events over the weekend. The first-year students will be organizing events for Sunday and you will hear from them separately. For Monday and Tuesday, please check off any events that you would be interested in attending or helping with. We will be in touch to confirm any roles.

    Monday student panel at 4:45 pm

    Monday student-group fair - very short presentations by leaders/members of student groups (list your group in comments section)

    Monday evening student social hour - list in the comments section any topics/activities/games you would be interested in hosting or facilitating

    Tuesday DEI hour - format TBD; suggestions welcome in comment section below

    All students are also invited to attend a social hour on Tuesday at 5:15 pm


    Recruiting Students After They Visit

    Student-student interactions are very valuable for recruiting and we sometimes put admitted students in touch with additional current students after they visit. If you would be willing to be a contact person or do recruiting outreach to one or more of our admitted students, beyond any students you are hosting, please indicate here:

    Additional information: