The Independent Activities Period (IAP) is a special four week term at MIT that runs from the first week of January until the end of the month. Below is a listing of IAP activities sponosored by the Department of Biology. Other events can be found at MIT's main IAP page.

IAP series:

For Credit

Pre-7.01: Getting up to Speed in BiologyPurple and blue double helix

(7.S390: Pre-7.01: Getting up to Speed in Biology)

For Credit:
Level: U
1 unit
Graded P/F

Instructors: Prof. Hazel Sive & Dr. Diviya Sinha

Pre-7.01 is a new short course (2.5 weeks) that provides background useful for 7.01 Introductory Biology. The course includes cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Pre-7.01 is designed for students with little Biology background, including seniors who have not yet completed the 7.01 GIR, and need a refresher course.

To help a student assess whether s/he will learn new material in Pre-7.01, a set of “test Yourself” questions are posted at the following URL:

Students who find the material unfamiliar will benefit by taking Pre-7.01. Students who find the material familiar have sufficient background for 7.01 and will not benefit by taking the course.

Enrollment is limited! To prioritize enrollment, please complete the questionnaire at the above link. Click on “Materials” to access the questionnaire, and email the completed form to Dr. Sinha (dsinha@mit.edu) by Dec 21, 2015, 5PM.

You will be notified by Dec 30, 2015, 5PM whether you are enrolled in the class.

Seniors without AP or honors biology will get priority. For other undergraduate years,
students with the least biology background will get priority.

Course starts: Tue Jan 12th, 2016

Course ends: Tue Jan 28th, 2016

Course meets: T/Th Lectures + recitations (10.05–11.55AM).
Course location: 4-265


Introduction to Molecular Biology Techniques

(7.396: Independent Study in Experimental Biology)

For Credit:
Level: U
6 units (0-4-2)
Graded P/D/F
Can be repeated for credit. Fee: $100.00
See "The Art of Microbiology" from the MIT News office (IAP 2012).

Instructors: Prof. Dennis Kim, Dr. Mandana Sassanfar, Dr. Jana Hersch

Topics of current or special interest. This intensive 3-week "boot-camp" style course will provide hands-on instruction in basic molecular biological techniques including isolation and quantification of nucleic acid and protein, agarose and SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis, PCR, microbiology, and bioinformatics. In addition students will learn more elaborate techniques such as ultracentrifugation and electron microscopy to purify and view virus particles. Emphasis will be on real-world application, experimentation and trouble shooting in preparation for a successful UROP experience. Priority will be given to freshmen with no prior research experience. Interested students must fill out an application form (see below) and email it to  Dr. Hersch. Deadline 12/05/15. You will be notified by 12/15/15 whether you are enrolled in the class.

Jan 6-8, 11-15, 19-22, 25-27  1:00-5:00pm, 68-089
Enter departmental lottery by December 5, 2015
Do not preregister on Websis.
Limited to 24 participants. No listeners.

Prereq: 7.01x or AP Biology - This course is not a substitute for 7.02

Download Application (linked .doc file)




Look back shortly for non-credit offerings from the Department of Biology.