Areas of Study & Requirements

The Biology curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (Course 7 or 7A), or to a minor in Biology, includes the General Institute Requirements, as well as specific subjects offered by the Department. The degree program allows students to explore relevant classes in other departments and to perform significant research through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

All Biology majors must complete two CI-M courses, generally by their junior or senior year. CI-M courses teach the specific forms of written, oral, and/or visual communication appropriate to Biology's professional and academic culture. See the MIT Communication requirements for more information.

The Biology Department Program Requirements are also available in the Undergraduate Study Brochure (pdf).

In addition, there are two interdepartmental curiculums to allow students to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in:

Students who major in these programs are full members of both departments and have an academic advisor from each department.


See the MIT Course Bulletin for more information.