Aviv Regev

We are interested in biological networks, gene regulation and evolution. Our work focuses on dissecting complex molecular networks to determine how they function and evolve in the face of genetic and environmental changes, in differentiation, evolution and disease.

We develop experimental and computational approaches to systematically decipher the mechanisms and principles that underlie the rewiring of regulatory networks controlling gene transcription. We study the rewiring of transcriptional networks at different timescales, asking how gene regulation changes when cells adapt to changing growth conditions, when they differentiate, and when species evolve. For linear processes, we study epigenetic rewiring following the response of human cells to pathogens (timescale: hours), and genetic rewiring in forward evolution in yeast and cancer cells under selection (timescale: days to months). In lineages, we characterize the development of novel transcriptional states in the hematopoiesis ontogeny (timescale: days) and the evolution of regulatory networks in the Ascomycota phylogeny (timescale: hundreds of millions of years). These studies provide detailed reconstructions and general principles governing the emergence of novel functions in gene regulation from yeast to humans.

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