Summer Workshop 2011

The 2011 Teacher Workshop was funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and hosted by the Department of Biology at MIT.

July 25-29, 2011, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Imported cheeses Proteins in milk (SDS PAGE) Making cheese from raw milk Swarming assay
Lactose fermentation assay Lecture by Ashley Earl Bacterium isolated from cheese 2011 Workshop participants


Cheese Microbial Communities

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Faculty Lectures

Monday, July 25
Prof. Benjamin Wolf, Harvard FAS Center for Systems Biology — “Cutting the Cheese: Dissecting Cheese Rind Microbial Communities.”

Tuesday, July 26
Prof. Ed Delong, MIT Departments of Civil & Environmental and Biological Engineering — “Exploring the marine microbial world: genomes to biomes.”

Wednesday, July 27
Prof. Ashley Earl, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard — “Extracellular signals dictate cell fate in biofilms."

Thursday, July 28
Prof. Heather Paxson, MIT Department of Anthropology — “Farmstead and artisanal cheese production in America."

Prof. Eric Alm, MIT Departments of Civil & Environmental and Biological Engineering — "The Human Microbiome"

Monday, July 29
Prof. Tanja Bosak, MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences — “Life between the two Snowballs.”

Laboratory Courses - Curriculum Development

Dr. Mandana Sassanfar and Dr. Celeste Peterson

  • Making cheese
  • Isolating and identification of bacteria from cheese samples
  • Functional assays: Lactose fermentation, swarming, biofilm formation
  • Milk Coagulation, milk proteins, and Chymosin activity assay
  • Compound and Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Quorum sensing              

Teacher curriculum materials inspired by this workshop are available for download as pdf files:


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