Summer Workshop 2009

The 2009 Teacher Workshop was funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and hosted by the Department of Biology at MIT.

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The Brain: From Anatomy to Cognition

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Faculty Lectures

Monday, July 20
Ki Goosens, Assistant Professor, MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences — "The neurobiology of stress: why aversive experiences change the brain." (Notes)

Tuesday, July 21
Matthew Frosch, Director of the Neuropathology Service, MGH, and Associate Professor of Pathology and HST, Harvard Medical School — "Understanding neurologic disease through the combination of neuroanatomy and neuropathology." (Dr. Forsh will bring a human brain to dissect in front of the class.) (Notes)

Emilie Bruneau, McGovern Institute for Brain Research — "Learning and the Brain" (Notes)

Wednesday, July 22
Nancy Kanwisher, Professor, MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences — "Specialization in the human brain" (Notes 1) (Notes 2)

Thursday, July 23
Arvind Govindarajan, Senior Research Scientist, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory — "Why we use mice and what we can learn from them." (Notes)

Marianna Eddy, MIT Postdoctoral Associate — "Using EEG/ERPs to study the time course of cognitive processes in the human brain." (Notes 1) (Notes 2)

Friday, July 24
Lars Dietrich, Postdoctoral fellow, MIT Department of Biology —  "Quorum sensing and colony morphology in Pseudomonas aeroginosa." (Notes)

Laboratory Courses - Curriculum Development

Teacher curriculum materials inspired by this workshop are available for download as pdf files:

Other Resources

Brain Curriculum Development

Mapping the Homuncuous (Student Handout)

Brain Imaging & MRI

Sheep Brain Dissection Lesson

Are you really that much of a brain?

Measuring Action Potential Without an Oscilloscope (Slides as Powerpoint) (Slides as PDF)

Implicit vs Explicit Learning: Bean-Bag Toss (Slides as Powerpoint) (Slides as PDF)

Course Reading and Preparation Materials

An Introduction To Event-Related Potentials and Their Neutral Origins

Brain Anatomy Overview

Labratory Manual for Sheep Brain Dissection (University of Guelph)


Neurolinguistics Presentation (PDF)


"What's in Your Mind" (National Geographic, March 2005)


Nova: Secrets of the Mind

Scientific American Frontiers: Don't Forget

Nova: Musical Minds

Nova Teachers: Of Mice and Memory


H.M.'s Brain and the History of Memory

Movie Links: Memory Related Films

Finding Nemo: Dori's Short Term Memory

The Man with a 30 Second Memory

Waltz with Bashir


50 First Dates

A Clockwork Orange

Bill Durham

Movie Links: Processing of Sensory Information

Broca's Aphasia

Wernicke's Aphasia 1

Wernicke's Aphasia 2

Deactivate ur Brain's Selected Parts

Hippocampal Neuron in 3D rotation

Movie Links: Mouse Behaviors

Reeler Mouse

Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome Cure

TED Lectures

Rebecca Saxe: How we read eachother's minds

Random Curriculum Sites and Information

NIH Curriculum Supplements

The Dana Foundation: Kids

The Brain From Top To Bottom (McGill Univeristy)

Effects of Environment on Memory by Brenda Brown

Neuroscience For Kids (University of Washington)

Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind: Hammer Orchid and Wasps

General Resources and Standards

Intel ISEF Rules and Guidelines

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Howard Hughes Medical Institute "Cool Science"

Learn about Synthetic Biology