Biology Colloquium Series

The Biology Colloquium is a weekly seminar held throughout the academic year, featuring distinguished speakers in many areas of the biological sciences, from universities and institutions worldwide. More information on speakers, their affiliations, and titles of their talks will be added as available. Please check back regularly.

The Colloquium takes place at the Stata Center's Kirsch Auditorium, 32-123, at 4:00PM on most Tuesdays during the school year and January (Please note some location changes as indicated below). Refreshments are served at 3:45 outside the seminar room.

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We are in the process of announcing the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Colloquium speakers and topics! Please check back at a later date for further details.

Fall 2015






Hening Lin
Cornell University

"Discover and Understand Novel Post-translational Modifications by Studying Orphan Enzymes"

Robert Sauer



Olga Boudker
Cornell University Medical School

"Structure and dynamic mechanism of a glutamate transporter homologue"  Amy Keating

Rebecca Heald
UC Berkeley

"Mechanisms of mitosis and size control in Xenopus" Angelika Amon
10/20 Judith Lieberman
Childrens Hosptial, Boston
"Bug Exterminators:A
New Killer Cell Defense Against Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites" 
Postdoctoral Association 
10/27 Wendy Gilbert, MIT
"New mechanisms in post-transcriptional gene regulation" Alan Grossman
11/10 Johannes Walter, Harvard Medical School
"Mechanisms of Vertebrate DNA cross-link Repiar" Terry Orr-Weaver
11/17 Dimitry Gabrilovich, Wister Institute
TBD Bob Weinberg

Harry Dietz, Johns Hopkins Medical School

"New Mechanisms and  Vulnerabilities in TGFb-induced Fibrotic Disease"  Richard Hynes 
12/8 Hollis Cline, Scripps Research Institute
TBD Elly Nedivi

Spring 2016






Rachel Green, Johns Hopkins

TBD Wendy Gilbert

Len Zon, Children's Hospital

TBD Omer Yilmaz
2/23 Jennifer Doudna, UC Berkeley
TBD Wendy Gilbert
3/1 Fred Alt, Harvard Medical School
TBD Richard Hynes 
3/8 Eric Siggia, The Rockefeller Institute TBD Arup Chakraborty

Josef Penninger (Sackler Lecture)
IMBA Vienna

TBD Phil Sharp
3/29 Peter Walter, USCF, TBD Susan  Lindquist 

The Rich Lecuture (speaker TBD)

5/3 George Daley, Children's Hospital at Harvard Medical School TBD The Chipperfield
Graduate Committee 



Named Lectures


Thanks to the generousity of our donors, the Biology Colloquium Series has a number of special lectures, named in honor of members of the MIT Biology community: