Diversity and Broadening Participation

The MIT Department of Biology is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion as one of its core missions.  We welcome and encourage talented individuals of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and individuals with disabilities to participate in the Department’s research goals. We seek increased diversity at every level: undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty members and staff.  Our department values teaching and mentoring and is focused on providing a supportive, sensitive and tolerant environment for all of its members, regardless of their background and physical abilities. The department has put a number of programs in place to broaden participation.

These programs include:

These programs aim to help science teachers keep up with the latest developments in biological and biomedical sciences.

By sharing its intellectual wealth, cutting-edge research, teaching facilities, and technical expertise, the MIT Biology community and the MIT community at large hope to make important contributions to science education and the development of future scientists.